Organisation Information

 Introduction to the Palestinian Organization for Development:                                  


Palestinian Organization for Development (POD), a charitable organization was established in Deir al-Balah city – Gaza Strip since 2000 , licensed by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior (Registration No. 7040), and holds a work permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs since 2002. POD established its work guided by local and international freedom values, maintain human dignity and equal rights for all, without discrimination, and to devote to the culture of peace and non-violence as one of the key pillars for the success of development programs and the development of Palestinian Society, along with  working  with all possible efforts to extend its work to all Palestinian areas and regions, considering this areas and regions are in urgent need of all the services, and improvement of charitable programs for development.

POD’s Mission and Core Values:

POD looks to the future insights through hard work to achieve strategic objectives, and to attract the development programs and effective development for promotion of collective and Social participation and advancement of Palestinian Society culturally, socially and economically, and based on our values of equality among the people, POD is seeking to improve the living conditions of community members, to achieve POD objectives; POD is based on the following concepts:

  • Systematic identification of needs and priorities of the Palestinian community.
  • Work to take advantage of charity work elements to establish beneficial projects to the community.
  • Strengthen the vision to work towards the completion of projects and programs for sustainable development.
  • POD contribute strongly to the development of charitable and voluntary work to serve the community and focus its activities on the active participation and cooperation with others locally and internationally.

Values ​​and philosophy:

The philosophy of society depends on how to help the marginalized groups and community development by adhering to the values ​​of the following two groups:

Professional Values:

Professionalism, discipline and commitment, specialization, development, transparency, accountability, integrity, appreciation of achievements, participation of women and equality of men in competition opportunities and application provisions law.

Moral values:

Respect for the values ​​and culture of society, humanity, social responsibility, cooperation, participation, volunteerism, adherence to work ethics, equality, commitment of human rights and justice

Objectives of POD:

  • Contribute to improve the economic and living conditions of the community members.
  • Contribute to development of rural areas and refugee camps.
  • Providing education services for students.
  • Strengthening volunteer work.
  • Child care and work to strengthen the role of women.
  • Development of youth resources.
  • Continuous sustainable development.

POD Programs:

  • Social and Economic Development Program: POD seeks to provide development services and encourage self-initiatives and productivity and assist in the implementation of productive and income-generating projects, and to contribute to providing job opportunities to reduce unemployment and promote self-reliance.
  • Education and Psycho-Social Support Program: POD seeks to provide educational services towards the formal and non-formal activities, the focus of formal education towards the primer education, supportive education, and non-formal towards promoting justice, tolerance, peace and values, and to increase cultural awareness in various areas of development and capacity building to serve the community issues.
  • Emergency Relief Program: POD responses to emergency situation to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the local community by increasing food security for vulnerable people.
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