(Programs of the Palestinian Organization for Development (POD

1-Economic and social development program

Program main Goal: is to provide  the developmental services, encourage self and productivity initiatives, assist in the implementation of productive and income-generating projects, and contribute to job creation to reduce unemployment and promote self-reliance.

1.1 Development and construction sector:

 Sector Goal: To develop and establish facilities and improve services for the Palestinian community through:

– Providing safe drinking water to communities in need.

– Restoration and improvement of the healthy to the house’s environment.

– Safe and green spaces.

– Establish classrooms for supportive education.

– Green areas.

– Cultural centers.

– Libraries.

– Kindergartens.

1.2 Job Creation Sector:

Sector Goal: to respond to the need of vulnerable societies by creating and providing job opportunities for groups:

Cash for work:

– Graduates from institutes and universities.

– Skilled workers.

– Unskilled workers.

Cash for internship:

– Graduates from institutes and universities.

1.3 Professional and Technical Business Sector:

 Sector Goal: To develop the professional and technical business sector in the Gaza Strip governorates through:

– Training and capacity building: (sewing and embroidery, food, household sanitary, electronic and home maintenance work, recycling, trade and e-marketing training, freelancing)

– Implement income-generating projects through (savings and credit funds, provide professionals with equipment and tools, provide good loans and small grants, establish production units, cooperatives, business incubators, and business accelerators).

1.4 The agricultural sector:

Sector Goal: To develop the agricultural sector

Developing and building capabilities: (training in agricultural ways and methods, raising livestock and poultry, training fishermen in modern fishing methods and maritime safety, cooperatives)

– Implementing income-generating projects: (establishing livestock poultry farms, maintaining fishing boats, fish farming, providing fishers with agricultural equipment and needs, production units).

– Advocacy for Rural and farmers cases.

2-Education Program

Program main Goal: To provide educational services in the directions of formal and non-formal education.

2.1 The formal education sector

2.1.1   Pre-school sector:

Training of kindergarten teachers in modern teaching methods, and education for the pre-school levels.

– To develop the capabilities of graduates of colleges of education and humanities to use modern learning techniques.

– Providing classroom education services for children enrolled in the kindergarten.

2.1.2 Supportive education sector:

– Education support for elementary and middle school students with Low educational achievement.

2.2 The non-formal education sector

2.2.1 The Justice and Peace Opportunity sector:

Sector Goal: To enhance the concepts of tolerance, promote human values, freedom, and peace, and achieve internal reconciliations between groups of Palestinian society through:

– Training, educating children, youth and women about the concepts of tolerance and acceptance of others, enhancing opportunities for civil peace, regional and global peace, reducing violence and accepting others.

– Raising awareness and education in order to promote democracy, justice, concepts of dialogue, tolerance and equal rights.

– Raising awareness and education on basic rights and promoting protection concepts.

– Promote youth participation in human, equal and law rights.

2.2.2  psychological support sector:

Sector Goal: To provide Psychosocial support to children and societal groups who are affected psychologically by war, internal conflicts, and family, social and political problems through:

– Development and capacity building for humanities graduates in the areas of psychological support.

– Implement psychological support activities for children and societal groups affected by severe conditions resulting from family, social and political problems.

2.2.3 Environmental sector:

Sector Goal: Enhance the concepts of environmental awareness and ways to protect from pollution up to a safe environment and work to activate the principle of participation in fortifying the environment from various forms of renewable pollution, creating a clean and safe environment, reducing depletion in natural resources and exchanging experiences with developed countries.

– Working for a healthy environment for a healthy community.

– To promote environmental awareness in society and educational institutions.

Protecting the environment and natural resources.

– Promoting the concept of environmental rationalization and community welfare.

– modern studies and research to solve environmental problems.

– Educating the community about environmental problems.

– Forming environmental clubs.

– Improving the quality of the environment, which leads to improving the quality of agricultural production.

– Organizing voluntary campaigns.

2.2.4 health sector:

Sector Goal: To improve the community health reality in order to reach a state of physical, mental and social safety for all groups of the local community, according to the comprehensive concept of health” World Health Organization” which is through:

– Promote aspects of physical health by adopting healthy lifestyles, based on modern health concepts regarding the total issues that the individual faces in the environmental environment.

– Working to develop aspects of emotional and psychological health through which the person can use his cognitive and emotional abilities to meet his job in society and meet his regular demands from daily life.

– Upgrading the social structure of life, by promoting concepts of maintaining strong social relationships that are linked to the conditions of good health, longevity, productivity and positive attitudes.

– Increasing societal health awareness towards the overall public health issues that would improve the health status of the members of the community, to reach a society closer to the state of health perfection.

Providing emergency medical assistance by equipping highly prepared teams to intervene in crisis, emergency, disaster and war situations.

– Promoting a culture of healthy values ​​for different societal classes through training activities and workshops with the local community.

– The effective contribution to spreading health awareness, in order to fight the phenomenon of drug dependence (addiction) in the local community.

3-Emergency relief program

Program main Goal: to respond to emergencies and provide urgent humanitarian assistance during and after an emergency.

3.1 Emergency intervention sector:

Sector Goal: To provide emergency assistance to groups affected by events and actions resulting from wars and natural disasters through:

– Providing relief assistance (food, household items, clothing and blankets, sanitary ware, and psychological support).

3.2 Post-emergency intervention sector:

Sector Goal: Post-emergency interventions to contribute to the recovery of those affected by emergencies:

– Training for graduates in developing and building their abilities to qualify them to the job market according to their specializations.

– Create temporary job opportunities for graduates according to their university majors.

– Create job opportunities for workers and the unemployed, according to their capabilities.

– Creating job opportunities for single women, according to their capabilities.

– Psychological support and provide psychological hardness.

Direct beneficiaries of the organization activities:

– Children.

– Youth.

– Women.

– The family.

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